Lauren Botha - Life and Business Coach for Entrepreneurs Lauren Botha

Lauren is a Life and Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who want to live their best lives now and into the future. She is a professional coach and trainer. As a life-long learner herself, she received a BA (Hon) in Coaching & Mentoring from Lancaster University (2020). She is also the Founder and Coach at LYBL Coaching.

The core pillars of her business acumen are: loyalty, honesty, trust and love. She is a strong advocate for positive psychology, hands-on, creative and inquiry-based learning and development, who involves her coachees and students in a variety of positive psychology exercises, workshops, coaching programmes and problem-solving activities which develop their creative thinking, critical reflective practices and nurture innovative, strategic thinking.

Her professional interests focus on whole brain development and stimulation, positive psychology practices within the coaching industry as well as entrepreneurial development and mindset. Lauren’s current projects include LYBL Coaching, Smart Mentors Abacus, Memory Technique and Study Skills Training as well as a variety of ongoing social media projects. In addition, she is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce (East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce) as well as an active member of the Federation of Small Business (FSB).

Lauren was deeply honoured to be awarded the Best Educational Program Award for three consecutive years for her franchise business in Botswana (2007-2010). The programs also hold endorsements from the Ministry of Education and were piloted in a number of schools nationwide.

In her personal time Lauren enjoys time with her two children, running, nature walks, cooking and playing the piano.

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